FAA Historical Publications in Print

The following books are for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office. These works are also available in the government documents section of many of the nation's university, state, and larger public libraries.

Reference Chronology:
FAA Historical Chronology: Civil Aviation and the Federal Government, 1926-1996, edited by Edmund Preston. Soft cover, Stock No. 050-007-01222-5. Describes key events in: the evolution of the aviation regulatory structure; the history of airlines and aircraft manufacturing; the development of air traffic control and air navigation; accidents and safety issues; and notable flights and aeronautical achievements. 375 pages.

Narrative History Series:
Bonfires to Beacons: Federal Civil Aviation Policy Under the Air Commerce Act, 1926-1938, by Nick A. Komons. Hard cover, Stock No. 050-007-00419-2. Examines the background of the passage of the first Federal civil aviation regulatory statute, the subsequent evolution of Federal civil aviation policy, and the enactment of the Civil Aeronautics Act. 454 pages.
Turbulence Aloft: The Civil Aeronautics Administration Amid Wars and Rumors of Wars, 1938-1953, by John R. M. Wilson. Soft cover, Stock No. 050-007-00486-9. Deals with the first 14 years of the CAA, a period dominated by World War II, the Cold War, and the Korean conflict. 346 pages.
Takeoff at Mid-Century: Federal Civil Aviation Policy in the Eisenhower Years, 1953-1961, by Stuart I. Rochester. Soft cover, Stock No. 050-007-00355-2. A history of the Civil Aeronautics Administration during Eisenhower's two terms. The work also examines the events that led to the CAA's demise and the creation of the Federal Aviation Agency. 352 pages.
Safe, Separated, and Soaring: A History of Federal Civil Aviation Policy, 1961-1972, by Richard J. Kent, Jr. Soft cover, Stock No. 050-007-00566-1. An examination of the issues facing FAA between Kennedy's inauguration and the end of Nixon's first term, including airways modernization, labor unrest, the SST, hijacking, and the creation of the Department of Transportation. 422 pages.
Troubled Passage: The Federal Aviation Administration During the Nixon-Ford Term, 1973-1977, by Edmund Preston. Soft cover, Stock No. 050-007-00774-4. Describes a period in which FAA faced frequent changes of leadership as well as challenges concerning aviation safety, security, and the environment. 340 pages.

The Federal Aviation Administration: A Historical Perspective, 1903-2008

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