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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Recent ODRA Cases

Results: 587 records found
FAA Order Matter Docket Date Served Decision
ODRA-23-936 Protests of SOFIS-TRG, LLC, Clear Science, Inc., The IBEX Group, Inc. , 23-ODRA-00933; -00934; -00935 08/07/2023 Findings and Recommendations
Final Order
Decision on Request for Suspension
ODRA-23-937 Protest of Advanced Sciences & Technologies, LLC 23-ODRA-00939 08/01/2023 Decision on Suspension
Final Order
ODRA-23-938 Protest of Autonomic Integra, LLC 23-ODRA-00937 08/01/2023 Final Order
Decision on Request for Suspension
ODRA-23-935 Protest of Sparksoft Corporation 23-ODRA-00936 07/19/2023 Final Order
ODRA-23-933 Protest of Pacific Weather, Inc. 22-ODRA-00901 07/05/2023 Final Order
ODRA-23-934 Protest Against Award to SOFIS-TRG, Inc. 22-ODRA-00902 07/05/2023 Consolidated Decision on Request for Suspension
Final Order
ODRA-23-932 Protest of NGP V Miramar FL LLC 23-ODRA-00931 06/28/2023 Final Order
ODRA-23-931 Protest of Monbo Group International LTD 23-ODRA-00925 06/22/2023 Finding & Recommendations
Final Order
ODRA-23-930 Protest of Logmet LLC 23-ODRA-00932 06/05/2023 Final Order
ODRA-23-929 Contract Dispute of Security Walls LLC 23-ODRA-00923 05/03/2023 Final Order
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