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Science fiction? Science fiction is our science reality! Look into the future—watch the videos below and on YouTube and learn about the FAA’s Info-Centric National Airspace System.

FAA Automation Evolution Strategy (AES) Part 2, Automation Evolution Architecture (07:20)

Part 2 of the AES Series describes the Automation Evolution Architecture as a layered service-based architecture that takes advantage of cloud computing technologies to support software development.

UAS Traffic Management Pilot Program (UPP) (34:57)

UAS Traffic Management (UTM) is a federated-based, cooperative traffic management ecosystem in which UAS operators and commercial service suppliers manage operations below 400 feet, with rules of the road established by the FAA. The videos depict activities from the UTM Pilot Program (UPP) Phase 2, which was completed in 2021 in cooperation with NASA, industry stakeholders, UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) participants, and selected FAA UAS Test Sites.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2023