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Financial Analysis and Passenger Facility Charge

Airports Financial Assistance

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The Financial Analysis and Passenger Facility Charge Program Branch is responsible for developing policy and procedures for the implementation of the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program by airports, airlines, and the FAA. In addition, the Branch works with Airports Regional and District Offices to prepare Final Agency Decisions (formerly Records of Decision) on PFC applications. The Branch is also responsible for Letters of Intent, analysis of airport industry financial conditions, benefit/cost analyses for airport development projects, and innovative financing under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

Name Position Telephone Responsibilities
Vacant Manager (202) 267-3831
Vanessa Balgobin Management and Program Analyst (202) 267-3867
  • PFC (Eastern and New England Regions)
  • Competition Plans
  • Airline Bankruptcy
  • Program Analysis
Jane Johnson Financial Analyst (202) 267-5878
  • PFC (Southern and Western-Pacific Regions)
  • Benefit-Cost
  • Financial Analysis
Neil Kumar Financial Analyst (202) 267-8817
  • PFC (Central and Northwest Mountain Regions)
  • Benefit-Cost
  • Financial Analysis
Amanda Shotto Financial Analyst (202) 267-8744
  • PFC (Alaskan and Southwest Regions)
  • Competition Plans
  • Benefit-Cost
  • Financial Analysis
Dennis Walsh Financial Analyst (202) 267-9593
  • PFC (Great Lakes Region)
  • Benefit-Cost
  • Letters of Intent
  • Financial Analysis

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