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Airport Improvement Program

Airports Financial Assistance

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The Airport Improvement Program Branch is responsible for administration of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and for the preparation and implementation of the National Airports Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). The ACIP serves as a planning tool for identifying critical development and associated capital needs for the National Airport System and also as the basis for the distribution of AIP grant funds. The Branch also initiates and/or reviews legislative and policy proposals affecting Federal assistance for airport planning and development; interprets legislation, policy, and related directives to provide eligibility guidance for prospective grantees and projects; ensures that reliable information on all prerequisites for proposed grant awards is available to Airports offices and other interested parties; and publishes and updates related directives.

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

Name Position Telephone Responsibilities
Kay Ryder Manager 202-267-8170  
Patricia Dickerson Financial Analyst 202-267-9297
  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Procurement
Jessie DiGregory Management and Program Analyst 202-267-3141
  • Legislative Support
  • Procurement
  • Program Guidance
  • Annual Report
Carlos Fields Management and Program Analyst 202-267-8826
  • Regional Program Support
  • Buy America
  • Performance Goal Tracking
  • State Block Grant Program
Vacant Civil Engineer 202-267-XXXX  
Terri Kett Management and Program Analyst 202-267-4374
  • Regional Program Support
  • Delphi eInvoicing/Grant Payments
  • Funds Control
Amber McCray Financial Analyst 202-267-5431  
Erika Matthews Financial Analyst 202-267-9005  
Cathy Nelmes Financial Analyst 202-267-1689  
Mark Saunders   202-267-1012  
Talesa Wilson Management and Program Analyst 202-267-7170
  • Audit Liaison
  • Regional Audits
  • Funds Control
  • Grant Review
Vacant Management and Program Analyst 202-267-7573
  • Budget/Accounting Liaison
  • Funds Control
  • Delphi eInvoicing/Grant Payments
  • Data Analysis
Vacant Civil Engineer 202-267-8744
  • Military Airport Program
  • Regional Program Support
  • Engineering Coordinator

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