Substances of Dependence/Abuse (Drugs and Alcohol)

  1. Please note that a published list of acceptable medications:
    • is labor intensive and in the final analysis only partially answers the certification question and does not contribute to aviation safety;
    • may encourage or facilitate an airmen's self-determination of the risks posed by various medical conditions especially when combination therapy is used; and
    • subject to misuse if used as the sole factor to determine certification eligibility or compliance with 14 CFR part 61.53, Prohibition of Operations During Medical Deficiencies
  2. Substances of Dependence/Abuse Medications.
    The Aerospace Medical Disposition applies to each Substances of Dependence/Abuse medication listed below. These medications are not meant to be totally inclusive or comprehensive. No independent interpretation of the FAA's position with respect to a medication included or excluded from the list should be assumed.

    Substance of Dependence/Abuse Medications

    Medications Medications
    Alcohol Dependence/Abuse Marijuana
    Amphetamines Narcotics
    Anxiolytics Phencyclidine (PCP)
    Cocaine Psychotropics
    Hallucinogens Stimulants
    Hypnotics Tranquilizers

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