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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Application Process for Medical Certification

Examination Techniques
Items 25-30. Ear, Nose, and Throat

Bilateral Deafness. It is possible for a totally deaf person to qualify for a private pilot certificate. When the applicant initially applies for medical certification, the AME should defer the exam with notes in Block 60 explaining this and include which FSDO the airman wants to use to take a Medical Flight Test.

The student may practice with an instructor before undergoing a pilot check ride for the private pilot's license. When the applicant is ready to take the check ride, he/she must have an authorization to take a medical flight test (MFT) from either RFS/AMCD. Upon successful completion of the MFT, the applicant will be issued a SODA and an operational restriction will be placed on his/her pilot's license that restricts the pilot from flying into airspace requiring radio communication.

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