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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Decision Considerations - Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 41. G-U System - Neoplastic Disorders

Prostate Conditions - All Classes

Disease/Condition Evaluation Data Disposition
A. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) or elevated PSA If the airman has findings consistent with uncomplicated BPH with no evidence of prostate cancer: ISSUE
Summarize this history in Block 60
Notes: See Pharmaceuticals section for list of medications usually allowed.

Prostate Cancer - All Classes

Disease/Condition Evaluation Data Disposition
A. Prostate Cancer
Non metastatic with treatment completed 5 or more years ago
If NO recurrence or ongoing treatment: ISSUE
Summarize this history in Block 60.
B. Prostate Cancer
Non metastatic with treatment completed less than 5 years ago
Follow CACI worksheet. Follow the CACI - Prostate Cancer Worksheet (PDF). Note in Block 60.
C. Prostate Cancer with Metastatic disease current OR any time in the past


Recurrence of disease including a biochemical recurrence (BCR) after prostatectomy

Submit the following to the FAA review:

☐ Current status report from oncologist describing treatment plan, how long the condition has been stable, and prognosis;

☐ List of medications and presence or absence of side effects with specific attention to any chemotherapy, steroids, or hormone agents and dates used;

☐ Treatment records including clinic notes or a summary letter describing initial staging, disease course, locations of metastatic disease, and stability;

☐ Operative notes and discharge summary, if applicable;

☐ Pathology report(s), if applicable; and

☐ Results of MRI/CT or PET scan reports. (In some cases, the actual CDs will be required in DICOM format for FAA review).


Initial Special Issuance - Requires FAA Decision

Follow up Special Issuance will be per the airman's authorization letter

Notes: If the airman is currently on radiation or chemotherapy, the treatment course should be completed before medical certification can be considered.

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