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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Decision Considerations - Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 40. Skin

Gout and Pseudogout - All Classes

Disease/Condition Evaluation Data Disposition

Well controlled
Interview and examination reveal:

☐ No persistent symptoms or functional impairment.

☐ Med combinations of NSAIDS, uric acid reducers (allopurinol, etc.), or uric acid excreters (probenecid) with no aeromedically significant side effects.

Note findings in block 60.

Functional impairment
Joint deformity
Kidney stones, recurrent
Meds other than above
Not controlled
Persistent symptoms
Submit a current status report that addresses:

☐ Clinical course with severity and frequency of exacerbations to include interval between and date of most recent flare; extent of renal involvement; current treatment, side effects, and prognosis; and

☐ Describe extent of joint deformity or functional impairment and if it would impair operation of aircraft controls.

Submit records to the FAA for decision

Follow up - per SI/AASI

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