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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Decision Considerations

The Examiner must personally conduct the physical examination. This section provides guidance for completion of Items 21-64 of the Application for Airman Medical Certificate or Airman Medical and Student Pilot Certificate, FAA Form 8500-8.

The Examiner must carefully read the applicant's history page of FAA Form 8500-8 (Items 1-20) before conducting the physical examination and completing the Report of Medical Examination. This alerts the Examiner to possible pathological findings.

The Examiner must note in Item 60 of the FAA Form 8500-8 any condition found in the course of the examination. The Examiner must list the facts, such as dates, frequency, and severity of occurrence.

When a question arises, the Federal Air Surgeon encourages Examiners first to check this Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners and other FAA informational documents. If the question remains unresolved, the Examiner should seek advice from a RFS or the Manager of the AMCD.

After all routine evaluations and tests are completed, the Examiner should make a complete review of FAA Form 8500-8. If the form is complete and accurate, the Examiner should add final comments, make qualification decision statements, and sign the declaration. The medical history page of FAA Form 8500-8 must be completed in the handwriting of and signed and dated by the applicant. Upon completion of the physical examination, the entire FAA Form 8500-8, Items 1 through 64, must be electronically transmitted to the FAA.

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