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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Decision Considerations
Disease Protocols - Peptic Ulcer

An applicant with a history of an active ulcer within the past 3-months or a bleeding ulcer within the past 6-months must provide evidence that the ulcer is healed if consideration for medical certification is desired.

Evidence of healing must be verified by a report from the attending physician that includes the following information:
  • Confirmation that the applicant is free of symptoms
  • Radiographic or endoscopic evidence that the ulcer has healed
  • The name and dosage medication(s) used for treatment and/or prevention, along with a statement describing side effects or removal

This information should be submitted to the AMCD. Under favorable circumstances, the FAA may issue a certificate with special requirements. For example, an applicant with a history of bleeding ulcer may be required to have the physician submit followup reports every 6-months for 1 year following initial certification.

The prophylactic use of medications including simple antacids, H-2 inhibitors or blockers, proton pump inhibitors, and/or sucralfates may not be disqualifying, if free from side effects.

An applicant with a history of gastric resection for ulcer may be favorably considered if free of sequela.

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