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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Pharmaceuticals (Therapeutic Medications)
Glaucoma Medications

  1. Code of Federal Regulations

  2. Medical History: Item 18.,d, Medical History, Eye or vision trouble except glasses.
    The applicant should provide history and treatment, pertinent medical records, current status report, and medication and dosage.

  3. Aeromedical Decision Considerations: See Item 32, Ophthalmoscopic

  4. Protocol: N/A. See Glaucoma Worksheet (PDF).

  5. Pharmaceutical Considerations:
    Applicants using miotic or mydriatic eye drops or taking an oral medication for glaucoma may be considered for Special Issuance certification following their demonstration of adequate control. These medications do not qualify for the CACI program.

    Miotics such as pilocarpine cause pupillary constriction and could conceivably interfere with night vision. Although the FAA no longer routinely prohibits pilots who use such medications from flying at night, it may be worthwhile for the Examiner to discuss this aspect of the use of miotics with applicants. If considerable disturbance in night vision is documented, the FAA may limit the medical certificate: NOT VALID FOR NIGHT FLYING.

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