About the Logistics Center

The FAA Logistics Center is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization providing consulting, engineering, repair, distribution and technical support for air traffic control services in the United States and internationally.

We are a government business operating in a revolving fund environment and a recognized leader in delivering customer satisfaction through quality products and services.

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Consulting Services

Knowledgeable experts and team members — including a consortium of universities and several Fortune 500 companies — develop solutions in infrastructure support management, logistics deployment, acquisition planning, life cycle management, data analysis, research studies, material staging, installation of material and equipment, electronic repair and testing, and precision equipment calibration.

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Engineering & Manufacturing Repair Services

The Logistics Center provides technical solutions through a network of highly skilled engineers and manufacturing and repair facilities.

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International Services

International governments throughout the world benefit from receiving a full range of logistics services from the International Business Team.

Included in our system are more than 84,000 National Airspace System components, both brand new and those that are no longer available anywhere else in the world. Our transportation services can quickly distribute, relocate and transport products, equipment and supplies around the world. We offer acquisition planning and assistance and consulting services that include life-cycle planning and supply chain management to reduce inventories and operating costs.

The Logistics Center has experience with disaster recovery and can assist if the need arises.

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Nationwide Distribution Services

The Logistics Center offers the ability to manage and track vast amounts of material and equipment nationwide.  We specialize in distribution, relocation, transportation and delivery of products, equipment or supplies.

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On-line Direct Acquisition of Materials and Supplies

The on-line system allows a large, dispersed workforce to electronically order needed materials as required for operation.  The hundreds of thousands of items available include furniture, equipment, signage, forms, hardware, software, and electronic parts.   Our ordering service is available 24/7 allowing customers to order what they need when they need it.

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The Logistics Center provides a fully staffed, customer-focused team, capable of providing information, status, data collection and trending analysis.  The TeleServices Center fields in excess of 20,000 calls annually.

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Last updated: Tuesday, August 25, 2020