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RVSM Documentation


US Approvals

  • US Commercial Operators with RVSM Approval under Part 121: (New): PDF, MS Excel
  • US IGA Operators with RVSM Approval under Part 135 or Part 91 Section 3: (New): PDF, MS Excel
  • US IGA Operators with Domestic RVSM Authorization under Part 91 Section 9 (ADS-B): (New): PDF, MS Excel

B046 Operations Specification/Management Specifications/Letter of Authorization (OpSpec/MSpec/LOA)


  • Contacts to schedule GPS-based Monitoring Unit (GMU (GPS-based Monitoring Unit)
    • CSSI, Inc. GMS Operations Coordinator
    • ARINCDirect GMU Operations
  • TCAS Documents
    • Part 91 Appendix G, Section 2, Paragraph (g):
      "After March 31, 2002, unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, if you operate an aircraft that is equipped with TCAS II in RVSM airspace, it must be a TCAS II that meets TSO C-119b (Version 7.0), or a later version."
    • AC 120-55.Air Carrier Operational Approval and Use of TCAS II, provides information on acceptable methods for TCAS training, operational policies for TCAS use and appropriate actions in the event of a TCAS occurrence.

Area of Operations Specific Information and Operational Policy/Procedures

  • North American RVSM: Information and Operational Policy/Procedures
  • See AC 91-85B, Appendix B

Global Areas of RVSM Operation


Regional Monitoring Agencies (RMAs)

Other Documents

Safety Reporting

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