Focus Areas

Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) have moved from planning to implementation and integration in the National Airspace System, with the FAA's roll-out strategy focusing on geographically defined operating areas. TBO deployment plans are managed by considering trade-offs between benefit potential, integration risk and opportunity cost that are specific to each operating area, and by considering other FAA's priorities such as safety and sustainment initiatives, and workforce training.

The initial four TBO operating areas and focal TRACONs include:

  • The Northeast Corridor (New York and Philadelphia TRACONs)
  • The Mid-Atlantic Region (Atlanta TRACON)
  • The Northwest Mountain Region (Denver TRACON)
  • The Southwest (Los Angeles TRACON)

Successful implementation of TBO requires more than just sound technology and procedures. It will require engagement with the FAA and operator workforces, shared FAA and operator collaboration, actions, and investments. While many investments and changes have already been accomplished, others are still forthcoming. TBO requires a clear understanding and commitment by all stakeholders and a system-of-systems approach to change management which includes the technology, procedures, policies, and operator and workforce education and training. This will enable TBO capabilities to deliver expected benefits, and improve the flying experience for everyone.

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Last updated: Monday, January 25, 2021