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Document Title: AC 136-B048, Supplemental Information for the Creation of Operating Procedures and Pilot Training Subjects Related to OpSpec/LOA B048
Summary: The information provided in this AC is intended to assist certificate holders (CH) and operators with the development of operational processes and procedures and the pilot training recommended as part of the Operations Specification (OpSpec)/Letter of Authorization (LOA) B048, Commercial Air Tour Operations Below 1,500 Feet Above the Surface in the State of Hawaii, application package. OpSpec/LOA B048 provides the CH or operator with authorization to conduct commercial air tour operations below 1,500 feet above the surface in the State of Hawaii in order to remain in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) and avoid entering unforecasted instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). The authorization is not intended to be used for flight planning, and does not authorize a CH or operator to conduct a commercial air tour operation when the forecasted weather conditions would not permit the operation to remain in VMC at altitudes above 1,500 feet above the surface for the duration of the planned flight.

Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR)

  • Part 61, Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors.
  • Part 91, General Operating and Flight Rules.
  • Part 119, §119.51, Amending Operations Specifications.
  • Part 120, Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.
  • Part 121, Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations.
  • Part 135, Operating Requirements: Commuter and on Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft.
  • Part 136 Appendix A, Special Operating Rules for Air Tour Operators in the State of Hawaii, Section 6, Minimum Flight Altitudes.

AC 91-73, Parts 91 and 135 Single Pilot, Flight School Procedures During Taxi Operations.
AC 120-74, Parts 91, 121, 125, and 135 Flightcrew Procedures During Taxi Operations.
AC 120-92, Safety Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers.

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