FAA Regulations and Guidance

Wildlife-Related Regulations

  • 14 CFR 139 Section 139.337
    Identifies the responsibilities certified Airport Operators have with respect to hazardous wildlife issues

Wildlife Guidance

Wildlife-Related Advisory Circulars
Number Title
70-1 Outdoor Laser Operations
(12-30-04) provides information for those proponents planning to conduct outdoor laser operations that may affect aircraft operations in the National Airspace System (NAS). Also, the AC explains why notification to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is necessary, how to notify the FAA of the planned laser operation, and what action the FAA will take to respond to such notifications.
150/5200-32 Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes
150/5200-33 Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports
150/5200-34 Construction or Establishment of Landfills near Public Airports
150/5200-36 Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports
150/5200-38 Protocol for the Conduct and Review of Wildlife Hazard Site Visits, Wildlife Hazard Assessments, and Wildlife Hazard Management Plans (to be issued)

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Wildlife-Related CertAlerts
Number Title
14-01 Seasonal Mitigation of Hazardous Species at Airports: Attention to Snowy Owls (PDF)
13-01 Federal and State Depredation Permit Assistance (PDF)
06-07 Requests by State Wildlife Agencies to Facilitate and Encourage Habitat for State-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species and Species of Special Concern on Airports (PDF)
04-16 Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing (MS Word)
98-05 Grasses Attractive To Hazardous Wildlife (PDF)

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Reporting Forms

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

Wildlife Reports

Outside Resources

Airport Cooperative Program (ACRP) Reports

Current Bird Hazard Mitigation Systems

  • BAM: USAF Bird Avoidance Model.
  • AHAS: (Operated by AET Environmental Services with DeTect, Inc as a subcontractor) The Avian Hazard Advisory System.