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Planning Data and Noise Compatibility Program Status - California


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Pre-1996 decisions listed on this page are not available online. Contact us to obtain a PDF copy of any pre-1996 decision listed below.

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Noise Compatibility Program Status by Airport
Airport Name, Location Identifier, City Noise Exposure Map (NEM) Noise Compatibility Program (NCP)
Buchanan Field (CCR), Concord NEM in compliance 8-21-1989 NCP approved 1-30-1991
Bob Hope/Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport (BUR), Burbank NEM in compliance 4-22-1988 NCP approved 7-27-1989
Revised NEM in compliance 1-31-2000 Revised NCP approved 11-27-2000 (PDF)
  Revised NCP approved 8-4-2004 (PDF)
Rev NEM in compliance 10-10-13* Revised NCP approved 10-24-2016 (PDF)*
Camarillo Airport (CMA), Camarillo NEM in compliance 9-10-1998 NCP approved 5-4-2001 (PDF)
Chico Municipal Airport (CIC), Chico NEM in compliance 4-23-1993 NCP approved 9-18-1996 (PDF)
Fresno Air Terminal (FAT), Fresno NEM in compliance 2-7-1990 NCP approved 9-14-1990
Rev NEM in compliance 7-6-2005 Rev NCP approved 7-28-2008 (PDF)
Hawthorne Municipal Airport (HHR), Hawthorne NEM in compliance 12-2-1993 NCP approved 5-31-1994
Rev NEM in compliance 4-11-2014  
Hayward Air Terminal (HWD), Hayward NEM in compliance 2-20-1990 NCP approved 1-28-1992
John Wayne Airport (SNA), Orange County    
Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL), South Lake Tahoe NEM in compliance 5-18-1994 NCP approved 11-14-1994
Lindbergh Field-San Diego Int'l Airport (SAN), San Diego NEM in compliance 1-30-1989 NCP approved 6-5-1991
  Supple. to NCP approved 05-11-1995
  NCP approved 6-17-1998 (PDF)
Rev NEM in compliance 11-10-2009 Rev NCP approved 6-30-2011* (PDF)
Long Beach Dougherty Field Airport (LGB), Long Beach NEM in compliance 1-16-1987 NCP finding 3-27-1987
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Los Angeles NEM in compliance 10-15-1984 NCP approved 4-9-1985
Rev NEM in compliance 02-12-2016*  
Meadows Field (BFL), Bakersfield NEM in compliance 4-14-1995 Rev NCP approved 6-10-1997 (PDF)
NEM in compliance 11-16-2008 Rev NCP approved 9-18-2008 (PDF)
Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (OAK), Oakland NEM in compliance 5-3-1990 NCP approved 5-21-1991
McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ), Carlsbad NEM in compliance 12-20-1991 NCP approved 6-16-1992
Rev NEM in compliance 4-26-2005 Rev NCP approved 12-5-2006 (PDF)
Modesto City-County Airport (MOD), Modesto NEM in compliance 2-26-1993 NCP approved 11-22-1994
  Rev NCP approved 6-2-2010 (PDF)
Rev NEM in compliance 1-9-2009 Rev NCP approved 6-2-2010
Monterey Peninsula Airport (MRY), Monterey NEM in compliance 3-26-1986 NCP approved 10-7-1986
Rev. NEM in compliance 7-24-1998  
Rev NEM in compliance 5-9-2008  
Ontario International Airport (ONT), Ontario NEM in compliance 4-2-1991 NCP approved 9-27-1991
  Supple. to NCP approved 5-24-1994
Oxnard Airport (OXR), Oxnard NEM in compliance 9-10-1998  
Palm Springs Municipal Airport (PSP), Palm Springs NEM in compliance 8-24-1987 NCP approved 5-23-1988
Rev NEM in compliance 11-28-1994 Rev NCP approved 7-25-1995
  Rev NCP approved 3-19-1997 (PDF)
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara (PAO), Palo Alto NEM in compliance 3-10-1993 NCP approved 11-12-1993
Redding Municipal Airport (RDD), Redding NEM in compliance 7-6-1990 NCP approved 1-28-1992
Reid-Hillview of Santa Clara County (RHV), San Jose NEM in compliance 1-13-2004 NCP approved 11-3-2004 (PDF)
Rialto Municipal Airport (Miro Field) (L67), Rialto project withdrawn 1995  
Riverside Municipal Airport (RAL), Riverside NEM in compliance 9-12-1995 NCP approved 1-3-1997 (PDF)
San Jose International Airport (SJC), San Jose NEM in compliance 8-29-1986 NCP approved 8-7-1987
San Francisco International Airport (SFO), San Francisco NEM in compliance 1-17-1983 NCP approved 7-22-1983
Rev NEM in compliance 5-17-1996  
Rev NEM in compliance 1-29-2016  
  • Vision 100 Section 160 Planning
  • San Mateo County
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA), Santa Barbara NEM in compliance 8-11-1988 NCP approved 1-27-1989
Rev NEM in compliance 6-28-2004 Rev NCP approved 1-27-2006 (PDF)
San Luis Obispo County Airport (SBP), San Luis Obispo    
Santa Maria Public Airport (SMX), Santa Maria NEM in compliance 11-4-1988 NCP approved 8-15-1990
Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK), Stockton NEM in compliance 5-10-1991 NCP approved 11-22-1993
Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys NEM in compliance 4-20-2009 NCP approved 10-16-2009 (PDF)

* Indicates most recent update.

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