Part 161 - Notice and Approval of Airport Noise and Access Restrictions

Part 161 - Notice and Approval of Airport Noise and Access Restrictions
Airport's Proposal (Review Reason) Airport Name, State Comment Date
Amendments to Restriction (Applicability of ANCA) Aspen-Pitkin County, CO Feb 3, 1995 (PDF)
Sep 30, 1993 (PDF)
Aug 27, 1993 (PDF)
Nov 15, 1991 (PDF)
Interpeting Amendments to Grandfathered Restrictions contained in a Joint Powers Agreement Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena, CA May 13, 1999 (PDF)
Final Decision on the Application for a Curfew Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena, CA October 30, 2009 (PDF, 2.88 MB)
Comments on Draft Cost-Benefit Analysis for Mandatory Full Nighttime Curfew Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena, CA June 13, 2008 (PDF)
Restrictions affecting aircraft weighing less than 75,000lbs (Applicability of ANCA) Falcon Field, AZ Dec 3, 1993 (PDF)
Aug 2, 1993 (PDF)
Proposed ordinance (Applicability of ANCA) Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 15, 1992 (PDF)
Inclusion of Restrictions in an Environmental Document (Applicability of ANCA) Jackson Hole, WY Jan 19, 1996 (PDF)
Amendments to Commercial Airline Access Plan (Applicability of ANCA) John Wayne Airport, CA Dec 5, 1994 (PDF)
Local phaseout (Draft cost-benefit analysis submitted for preliminary FAA Review) Kahului Airport, HI Sep 22, 1995 (PDF)
May 11, 1995 (PDF)
Environmental Management Plan (Applicability of ANCA) Long Island Islip, NY Jul 19, 1994 (PDF)
Final Decision on the Application for Access Restriction Los Angeles International Airport, CA Nov. 7, 2014 (PDF, 2.36 MB) (added 11/10/2014)
Weight bearing limitation (Applicability of ANCA) Millard Airport, NE Apr 7, 1995 (PDF)
Prohibition of Aircraft Weighing >75,000lbs after 1/1/00 (Part 161 Cost-Benefit Analysis) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Jun 9, 1999 (PDF)
Nighttime cap, phaseout of Stage 2 weighing over 75,000lbs (Part 161 Restriction Proposal and Analysis) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Mar 24, 1992 (PDF)
Stage 2 aircraft <75,000lbs ban (Part 161 cost-benefit analysis) Naples Municipal, FL Oct 31, 2001 (PDF)
Aug 21, 2000 (PDF)
Restrictions included in a Part 150 Study (Applicability of ANCA) Orlando Executive Airport, FL Sep 9, 1992 (PDF)
Proposed Part 161 study (Eligibility for Federal Funding) Pease International Tradeport, NH Dec 14, 1995 (PDF)
Amendments to restriction (Applicability of ANCA) San Diego, Lindbergh Field, CA Mar 9, 2001 (PDF)
Aug 8, 2000 (PDF)
Grandfathered restrictions (Applicability of local ordinance amendments) San Francisco, CA Aug 20, 1993 (PDF)
Converts restriction that was grandfathered under ANCA but did not satisfy grant assurances San Jose International, CA Oct 2, 2003 (PDF)
Amendments to restrictions (Applicability of ANCA) Sonoma County, CA Jan 25, 1993 (PDF)
Oct 30, 1992 (PDF)
Amendments to Restrictions (Applicability of ANCA) South Lake Tahoe, CA Sep 10, 1992 (PDF)
Aug 21, 1992 (PDF)
Implementation of Proposed Restrictions (Applicability of ANCA) Van Nuys, CA Apr 17, 2000 (PDF)
Feb 18, 2000 (PDF)
Jan 18, 2000 (PDF)
Apr 6, 1999 (PDF)
Aug 28, 1997 (PDF)
Jul 17, 1996 (PDF)
Conversion of private use facility to public use (Applicability of ANCA) West Maui, HI Aug 4, 1992 (PDF)
Jul 6, 1992 (PDF)
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