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Planning & Capacity

Northwest Mountain Region Airports Division

Airport planning encompasses capacity, master and regional planning, aviation forecasting, and airspace planning. Activities include providing planning guidance, producing the biennial National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, developing capacity studies, collecting boarding and cargo data to determine airport categories, and supporting NexGen through the development of tools such as the eALP.


  • Geodetic Coordinate Calculator - Use this calculator to check runway coordinates against runway length and bearing. Many ALP's show inconsistent runway data. That problem can be avoided by use of this calculator and rechecking survey data, if necessary. (If anyone is aware of a simpler/faster calculator, please send us the address).
  • Magnetic Declination Calculators - Check the magnetic declination at your airport. Use this to check runway magnetic bearing and to assure correct runway identification. When remarking a runway, use the calculator to determine if runway numbers are still correct. Round to the nearest 10°. Our Easterly magnetic declination is decreasing by 1° in 8-12 years, depending on location within the region.


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