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Collection & Use of Data

Passenger Boarding (Enplanement) and All-Cargo Data for U.S. Airports - Airports

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Passenger (enplanement) and cargo data is extracted from the Air Carrier Activity Information System (ACAIS), an FAA database that contains revenue passenger boarding and all-cargo data.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is the main source of enplanement statistics. U.S. scheduled and nonscheduled certificated air carriers, commuter air carriers, and small certificated air carriers submit data to DOT on Form 41 Schedule T-100, U.S. Air Carrier Traffic and Capacity Data by Nonstop Segment and On-Flight Market. Foreign flag air carriers submit data to DOT on Form 41 Schedule T-100(f), Foreign Air Carrier Traffic Data by Nonstop Segment and On-Flight Market. In addition, the FAA conducts an annual survey of air taxi/commercial operators who report their nonscheduled activity on FAA Form 1800-31, Airport Activity Survey.

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How We Use the Data

The data obtained from the above sources are merged into the ACAIS database and then reviewed by FAA staff and the individual airports. We then coordinate erroneous or inconsistent data with the air carrier, make appropriate revisions, and finalize the data.

The database supports the FAA's Airport Improvement Program (AIP) apportionment formula calculations. Passenger boarding and all-cargo data is collected for a full calendar year and determines entitlements for the next full fiscal year (i.e., calendar year 2018 data determines Fiscal Year 2020 entitlement funds). For AIP purposes, passengers enplaned also includes passengers onboard international flights that transit an airport located in the 50 states for non-traffic purposes.

  • Final Calendar Year 2019 data will become available in September 2020.
  • Preliminary Calendar Year 2019 enplanement and all-cargo data became available in May-July 2020.

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