NAARMO Document ADS-B RVSM Height Monitoring Request

ADS-B RVSM Height Monitoring Request Form

Aircraft equipped with qualified ADS-B out systems are height-monitored EACH DAY during normal operations in US ADS-B rule airspace at RVSM altitudes. Aircraft that are due for periodic monitoring or that must verify performance can fly any day to obtain a monitoring result. 

Operators who elect to utilize Part 91 Appendix G, section 9 to access RVSM airspace must verify their altitude-keeping performance. The current list of aircraft and their most recent successful monitoring date can be found at RVSM Approvals in the file labeled US IGA Operators with Domestic RVSM Authorization under Part 91 Section 9 (ADS-B).

​​​​​​​US operators that are not listed, or do not have a current monitoring date in any of the monitoring result files, can request ADS-B results by providing flight details using the ADS-B Height Monitoring Request Form (PDF).

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and posting of updated data.


Regulatory Topic: Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
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Last updated: Wednesday, April 26, 2023