Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Application Process for Medical Certification

Application Review - Item 62. Has Been Issued

The AME must check the proper box to indicate the status of the application for Medical Certificate. Note: The "x" will appear until the AME selects an option:

62. X Has been Issued:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Medical and Student Pilot Certificate
  • No Certificate Issued - Deferred for Further Evaluation
  • Has Been Denied - Letter of Denial Issued (copy attached)


  1. Applicant's Refusal or Exam Not Complete. If applicant leaves before the exam is completed or elects not to continue if more information or evaluation is required: Note in Block 60, do not issue any certificate, and contact AMCS Support (PDF) for instructions.

  2. AME Issuance. When the AME receives all required information AND the applicant meets all FAA medical standards for the class sought, the AME may issue a medical certificate. If the applicant has an Authorization for Special Issuance, refer to the Authorization Letter to determine if you must also add a time limitation. If the AME or the applicant will send in supporting records or reports WITHIN 14 DAYS, note what items are coming in Block 60.

  3. AME Deferral. The AME should defer if:
    • The disposition table or Authorization Letter instructs the AME to defer;
    • More information or further evaluation is needed;
    • There is uncertainty about the significance of the findings; or
    • The applicant did not provide the required documents within 14 days of the AME exam. All exams must be transmitted WITHIN 14 DAYS. Do not delay transmitting an exam (beyond 14 days) while waiting for the applicant to provide requested records or reports.

    Note in Block 60 any concerns, findings, or if more information was requested; do not issue any certificate, and transmit as deferred.

  4. AME Denial. If the AME determines the applicant is clearly ineligible for certification (see Medical Certification Decision Making), give the applicant a signed and dated Letter of Denial (PDF). The letter provides the applicant with reasons for the denial and how to request reconsideration. The AME must send a copy of the AME Letter of Denial to the FAA.
Last updated: Wednesday, March 8, 2023