Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners - Application Process for Medical Certification

Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 23-24. Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA); SODA Serial Number

23. Has a SODA ever been issued?

Ask the applicant if a SODA has ever been issued. If the answer is "yes", ask the applicant to show you the document. Then check the "yes" block and record the nature and degree of the defect.

SODAs are valid for an indefinite period or until an adverse change occurs that results in a level of defect worse than that stated on the face of the document.

The FAA issues SODAs for certain static defects, but not for disqualifying condition or conditions that may be progressive. The extent of the functional loss that has been cleared by FAA is stated on the face of the SODA. If the Examiner finds the condition has become worse, a medical certificate should not be issued even if the applicant is otherwise qualified. The Examiner should also defer issuance if it is unclear whether the applicant's present status represents an adverse change.

The Examiner must take special care not to issue a medical certificate of a higher class than that specified on the face of the SODA even if the applicant appears to be otherwise medically qualified. The Examiner may note in Item 60 the applicant's desire for a higher class.

24. SODA Serial Number

Enter the assigned serial number in the space provided.

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