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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN)

Grand Canyon National Park is a small single runway airport located near the southeast rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The airspace north of the airport's Class Delta airspace is highly regulated and restricted. Flying to GCN requires detailed pre-flight planning to become familiar with the rules and requirements to operate in and around the surrounding areas.

Tour companies that provide aerial views of the Grand Canyon operate the vast majority of the traffic at the airport. The fleet mix is mostly helicopters, but does include large single and turboprop twin-engine aircraft. Military helicopters and cargo aircraft do use the airport for refueling and practice approaches. Traffic volume is seasonal, with heavy traffic periods primarily occurring during the summer months. Tower operating hours are adjusted to the seasonal traffic. Check the Chart Supplement for Tower hours of operation. Be aware that during the summer months, Density Altitude may be an issue for some aircraft. Heavy snow becomes the issue during the winter months; check NOTAMs for snow removal operations and runway closures. There is a parachuting operation on the field, and the landing zone is just southeast. The airport is temporarily closed to arrivals and departures while jumping is in progress.


General Links

Airport Diagrams, VFR Charts, Chart Supplement, NOTAMS, and Construction Notice Diagrams, etc., are routinely updated. Here are some links to current FAA information.

  • Aeronautical Information Services. The Aeronautical Information Services site has a wealth of information and:
    • Is the authoritative government source for collecting, storing, maintaining, and disseminating aeronautical data for the U. S. and its territories.
    • Develops and maintains all public instrument flight procedures and airways.
    • Serves as the FAA's aeronautical charting authority for the development, publication, and dissemination of aeronautical charts and products to support aviation and to meet demand for increased capacity, efficiency, and predictability in the airspace, routes, and airports of the National Airspace System (NAS).
  • Airport Construction
  • Airport Diagram
  • Chart Supplement
  • From the Flight Deck Videos
  • Hot Spots
  • VFR Charts
Last updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2022