Remote Identification (RID) Compliance

All persons operating unmanned aircraft (UA) registered or required to be registered under 14 CFR Parts 47 or 48 must comply with the operating requirements of Part 89 by September 16, 2023. This does not apply to UA operations under Part 91 that are transmitting ADS-B Out in accordance with 91.225.

A UA must be registered with one of the following (See 14 CFR 47.14): 

  • For UA equipped with remote ID:
    • For standard remote identification UA, the serial number of the standard remote identification UA, or
    • For UA equipped with a remote ID broadcast module, the serial number of the remote identification broadcast module
  • For UA not equipped with remote ID, the manufacturer assigned serial number of the UA

To change the serial number for a current registration under Part 47, a request in writing from the current registered owner must be submitted to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch and should include the following:

  • A written statement requesting the current serial number be updated in order to comply with part 89 requirements for Remote Identification (RID).
  • Complete UA description (N-number, current Serial Number, Manufacturer and Model)
  • The new serial number and what type; i.e., Standard Remote ID or Remote ID Broadcast Module 
  • Complete Legal Name of the Registered Owner(s) including signature(s), and title(s), if appropriate.
  • No fee is required
  • The request may be submitted electronically as a pdf attachment via email at or by mail.

To change the serial number for a current registration under Part 48, please go to your FAADroneZone account. You may visit UAS Remote Identification | Federal Aviation Administration for additional information and for step-by-step instructions.

Last updated: Thursday, August 24, 2023