Pilot Authorizations to Operate Experimental-Exhibition Aircraft Certificates: Guidance for Pilots

What this is

This guidance is for pilots who want an FAA authorization to fly an experimental exhibition aircraft for which the operating limitations require an FAA issued Authorization. It is valid until we modify it on this website, or replace it with a revised AC 91.68.

What type of experimental aircraft requires an FAA issued authorization?

This information applies to pilots of aircraft to which the FAA has issued Special Airworthiness Certificates for the purpose of Experimental under Title 14 CFR section 21.191 and are one of the following:

  • "Large" aircraft (more than 12,500 pounds),
  • Turbojet powered, or
  • Airplanes that have a VNE (never exceed speed) in excess of 250 KIAS and more than 800 HP.

How do I get an FAA authorization to operate an experimental-exhibition aircraft?

If you want to add an experimental-exhibition aircraft authorization to your current pilot certificate, you must:

  1. Get ground and flight training from an:
    • Authorized Instructor (AI) with a certificate that includes these aircraft, or
    • A Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with the appropriate pilot certificate.

    Instructors are responsible for the content and adequacy of the training program.

  2. Pass a practical test

    After you complete the training, you and your instructor must complete an FAA Form 8710.1 application and schedule a practical test with an Experimental Aircraft Examiner (EAE).

    Your EAE may not be the same person as your AI or CFI. Your EAE will conduct the practical test using the FAA ATP Practical Test Standards.

What happens after I pass the practical test?

The EAE will:

  1. Issue you a replacement pilot temporary certificate that includes your Experimental Aircraft Authorization;
  2. Forward your file to FAA to issue you a new permanent pilot certificate.

Where to go for help

If you have questions, contact the Experimental and Vintage Aircraft specialist at (202) 385-9638.

Last updated: Wednesday, June 22, 2022