Amendments to FAAO JO 7400.9Z, Airspace Designations and Reporting Points
Airspace Docket
Region State Airspace Location Amendments Published
15-AGL-14 AGL E Dupree, SD Established August 25, 2016
16-ASW-9 ASW E Slaton, TX Established August 25, 2016
16-AWA-1 AWA C Syracuse Hancock International Airport, NY Amended August 15, 2016
16-AWA-2 AWA C Boise, ID Amended August 15, 2016
16-AWA-5 AWA C Peoria, IL Amended August 15, 2016
16-AGL-11 AGL E Linton, ND Established August 12, 2016
16-AGL-12 AGL E Platte, SD Established August 12, 2016
16-ASO-3 ASO D North, SC Revoked August 12, 2016
16-AGL-13 AGL E Harvey, ND Established August 12, 2016
16-AGL-9 AGL E Park River, ND Established August 11, 2016
16-AGL-8 AGL E Michigan Towns; Alma, MI; Bellaire, MI; Cadillac, MI; Drummond Island, MI; Gladwin, MI; Holland, MI; and Three Rivers, MI Amended August 11, 2016
16-AGL-6 AGL E Minnesota Towns; Hutchinson, MN; Jackson, MN; Pipestone, MN; Two Harbors, MN; and Waseca, MN Amended August 10, 2016
16-ASW-5 ASW E Lake Providence, LA Revoked August 10, 2016
16-AGL-7 AGL E Goshen, IN; Huntingburg, IN; North Vernon, IN; Rensselaer, IN; Tell City, IN; Washington, IN Amended August 2, 2016
15-ASO-14 ASO D & E Destin, F; Duke Field, Eglin AFB, FL; Eglin Hurlburt Field, FL; Crestview, FL Corrected July 21, 2016
16-ASW-8 ASW E De Quincy, LA; Minden, LA; Slidell, LA; Homer, LA Amended and Removed July 14, 2016
16-ACE-3 ACE E Belleville, KS; Johnson, KS; Marysville, KS; Pittsburg, KS; Washington, KS Amended July 1, 2016
15-ANM-23 ANM E Shelton, WA Established June 28, 2016
16-ASO-1 ASO D & E Orlando, FL; Gainesville, FL Amended June 21, 2016
15-ASO-14 ASO D & E Destin, FL; Duke Field, Eglin AFB, FL; Elgin AF Aux No 3 Duke Field, FL; Crestview, FL Amended, Established & Removed June 21, 2016
16-ANM-1 ANM E Ogden-Hinckley, UT Amended June 20, 2016
15-ASW-2 ASW E Little Rock, AR Amended June 16, 2016
16-ASO-7 ASO VOR Mississippi Amended June 14, 2016
16-AEA-4 AEA Restricted Areas Fort Pickett, VA Amended June 13, 2016
15-AWA-8 AWA C Billings Logan International, MT Amended June 9, 2016
15-AWA-7 AWA C Capital Region International Airport, MI Amended June 9, 2016
16-ASW-2 ASW E Clovis, NM Amended June 6, 2016
15-ASW-11 ASW D & E Antlers, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; Oklahoma City Wiley Post Airport, OK; Shawnee, OK Amended June 6, 2016
16-AGL-1 AGL E Belle Fourche, SD; Madison, SD; Mobridge, SD; Vermillion, SD Amended June 1, 2016
16-ASW-3 ASW E Taos, NM Amended June 1, 2016
15-AGL-21 AGL E Lisbon, ND Established May 31, 2016
16-ASO-2 ASO D & E Jackson, TN; Tri-Cities, TN Corrected May 20, 2016
15-ASO-16 ASO E Harlan, KY Established May 20, 2016
15-AGL-18 AGL E Beach, ND Established May 11, 2016
16-ASW-6 ASW E Ash Flat, AR Established & Removed May 6, 2016
15-ANM-19 ANM D & E Walla Walla, WA Amended May 4, 2016
16-ASW-1 ASW E Hollis, OK Established April 29, 2016
15-ASW-17 ASW E Horseshoe Bend, AR Established April 29, 2016
15-ASW-23 ASW E Ketchum, OK Established April 29, 2016
15-ANM-22 ANM E Deer Lodge, MT Correction April 28, 2016
15-ACE-6 ACE E Coldwater, KS Established April 22, 2016
15-ASW-16 ASW E Danville, AR Established April 22, 2016
15-ASW-4 ASW E Moriarty, NM Established April 22, 2016
15-ANM-28 ANM E South Bend, WA Corrected April 13, 2016
16-ASO-4 ASO D Bartow, FL Amended April 6, 2016
15-ASO-11 ASO D&E Lake City, FL Established April 6, 2016
15-AGL-26 AGL D&E Wilmington, OH Corrected April 5, 2016
15-AGL-23 AGL E Alpena, MI; Muskegon, MI Corrected April 5, 2016
15-AGL-27 AGL E Rapid City, SD Corrected April 5, 2016
15-AEA-10 AEA D&E Ithaca, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY Corrected March 30, 2016
15-AEA-12 AEA D&E Lynchburg, VA Corrected March 30, 2016
15-AGL-24 AGL D&E Rochester, MN; St. Cloud, MN Corrected March 29, 2016
15-ANM-21 ANM E Butte, MT Amended March 29, 2016
15-ANM-22 ANM E Deer Lodge, MT Amended March 29, 2016
16-ASO-2 ASO E Jackson, TN; Tri-Cities, TN Amended March 29, 2016
14-ASO-2 ASO Restricted Area Gainesville, MS Amended March 29, 2016
15-AGL-25 AGL D&E Minot, ND Corrected March 28, 2016
15-ASW-20 ASW D&E Enid, OK Corrected March 11, 2016
15-ANM-20 ANM D&E Salem, OR Amended March 8, 2016
15-ANM-28 ANM E South Bend, WA Added March 8, 2016
15-ANM-10 ANM RNAV Western United States Amended March 4, 2016
16-AGL-5 AGL E Harvey, ND; Rolla, ND Amended March 4, 2016
15-AGL-25 AGL D & E Minot, ND Corrected March 3, 2016
12-AAL-15 AAL E South Naknek, AK Added March 3, 2016
15-ASO-10 ASO Restricted Area North Carolina Change of Controlling Agency February 24, 2016
15-ASW-20 ASW D & E Enid Vance AFB, OK; Enid Woodring Municipal Airport, Enid, OK; Enid, OK Amended February 19, 2016
15-AGL-13 AGL E International Falls, MN Added February 17, 2016
15-AEA-4 AEA ATS Northeast United States Amended February 17, 2016
15-ASW-12 ASW E Clinton, AR Added February 11, 2016
15-AGL-26 AGL E Wilmington, OH Amended February 8, 2016
15-AGL-24 AGL E Rochester, MN; St. Cloud, MN Amended February 8, 2016
15-AGL-23 AGL E Alpena, MI; Muskegon, MI Amended February 8, 2016
15-AGL-25 AGL E Minot, ND Amended February 4, 2016
15-AGL -27 AGL E Rapid City, SD Amended February 4, 2016
15-AEA-12 AEA E Lynchburg, VA Amended February 4, 2016
15-AEA-10 AEA E Ithaca, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY Amended February 4, 2016
14-AWP-13 AWO ATS Western United States Added February 4, 2016
15-AWP-14 AWP D & E Chico, CA Amended & Removed January 28, 2016
15-ANM-18 ANM E Boise, ID Amended January 28, 2016
14-ASW-10 ASW E El Paso, TX Amended January 21, 2016
15-AGL-8 AGL E Bowman, ND Added & Removed January 20, 2016
15-AGL-20 AGL VOR North Central United States Amended January 20, 2016
15-ANM-29 ANM D Denver, CO Amended January 15, 2016
15-ANM-10 ANM RNAV Western United States Amended January 14, 2016
15-AEA-9 AEA E Elmira, NY; Ithaca, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY Withdrawn January 13, 2016
15-ANM-26 ANM Jet Route Northwestern United States Removed December 23, 2015
15-ASO-12 ASO Restricted Area Cape Canaveral, FL Change of Using Agency December 22, 2015
15-AWP-4 AWP E Los Angeles, CA Added December 18, 2015
15-ANM-17 ANM E Neah Bay, WA Added December 14, 2015
15-AEA-9 AEA E Elmira, NY; Ithaca, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY Amended November 30, 2015
15-AGL-9 AGL E Newberry, MI Corrected November 24, 2015
15-AWP-5 AWP E Burbank, CA Removed November 13, 2015
15-ASO-8 ASO E Placida, FL Added November 13, 2015
15-AWP-3 AWP D & E Van Nuys, CA Amended November 5, 2015
15-ACE-2 ACE E Multiple Missouri Towns Corrected November 5, 2015
15-ANM-16 ANM E Vancouver, WA Added October 23, 2015
15-AGL-12 AGL E Vincennes, IN Removed October 23, 2015
13-ASW-8 ASW E Vidalia, LA Added October 23, 2015
15-AGL-6 AGL D & E Columbus, OH Amended & Removed October 20, 2015
14-ACE-10 ACE E Wakeeney, KS Added October 20, 2015
15-ASW-5 ASW E Jonesboro, LA; Winnfield, LA Amended October 19, 2015
15-AGL-4 AGL E Tomah, WI Added October 19, 2015
15-ACE-4 ACE E Tekamah, Nebraska Amended October 19, 2015
15-ACE-3 ACE E Albion, NE; Bassett, NE; Lexington, NE Amended October 19, 2015
15-ACE-2 ACE E Multiple Missouri Towns Amended October 19, 2015
14-AGL-7 AGL E Hart/Shelby, MI Added October 19, 2015
14-AGL-15 AGL D Springfield, OH Removed October 19, 2015
15-ASW-7 ASW E Marshall, AR Added October 16, 2015
15-ANM-12 ANM D & E Mountain Home, ID Amended & Removed October 16, 2015
15-AEA-1 AEA E Ashland, VA Amended October 16, 2015
14-ASO-19 ASO E Ponce, PR Amended October 16, 2015
12-AWP-11 AWP E Cottonwood, AZ Added October 16, 2015
15-ANE-3 ANE E Newport, NH Added October 16, 2015
15-ACE-1 ACE Restricted Area Manhattan, KS Amended October 14, 2015
15-ACE-5 ACE Restricted Area Brookville, KS Amended October 7, 2015
15-AWP-9 AWP D & E Stockton, CA Amended October 6, 2015
14-ACE-9 ACE E Multiple Iowa Towns Amended October 6, 2015
15-ASW-3 ASW E Sheridan, AR Added October 1, 2015
14-ACE-6 ACE E Springfield, MO Added October 1, 2015
15-ANM-4 ANM E Portland, OR Amended September 28, 2015
15-ASO-9 ASO E Mackall AAF, NC Amended September 25, 2015
12-ASO-42 ASO E Poplarville-Pearl River County Airport, MS Added September 25, 2015
15-AWA-3 AWA C Portland International Airport, OR Amended September 24, 2015
15-AWA-1 AWA C Burbank, CA Removed September 24, 2015
15-ANM-11 ANM E Douglas, WY Amended September 24, 2015
15-AGL-9 AGL E Newberry, MI Added September 24, 2015
15-AGL-5 AGL Jet Route North Central United States Removed September 24, 2015
15-AGL-10 AGL E Iron Mountain, MI Added September 24, 2015
14-ANM-10 ANM E Delta, CO Added September 24, 2015
15-AWP-10 AWP E Tracy, CA Corrected September 17, 2015
15-AWP-10 AWP E Tracy, CA Amended August 31, 2015
14-ANP-9 ANM D & E Aurora, OR Added August 24, 2015
13-ASW-20 ASW Restricted Area Fort Polk, LA Amended August 17, 2015
15-AWP-15 AWP D & E Santa Rosa, CA Amended August 14, 2015
15-AWP-1 AWP E Santa Rosa, CA Amended August 13, 2015
15-ANM-9 ANM E Toledo, WA Amended August 13, 2015
15-ANM-8 ANM E Kelso, WA Amended August 13, 2015
15-ANM-7 ANM E Chehalis, WA Amended August 13, 2015
15-ANM-6 ANM D & E Ogden, Hill AFB, UT Amended & Established August 13, 2015
15-ANM-5 ANM D & E Ogden-Hinckley Airport, UT Established & Amended August 13, 2015
14-AEA-8 AEA VOR Northeastern United States Corrected August, 13, 2015