Basic guidelines for flying in international and U.S. airspace are provided in a format that is easy-to-read, download, and print. Links to information sources are provided throughout so that pilots may research topics to a fuller extent.

The International Flying Overview offers pilots information on a range of topics that must be considered and researched when planning a flight outside U.S. airspace. Individual country requirements and services should be included by pilots in their pre-flight preparation.

Entering, Exiting, and Flying in U.S. Airspace contains information regarding sensitive U.S. airspace, national security concerns, overflight fees, and procedures to enter and exit the U.S. in aircraft of U.S. or foreign registry.

Country information will be more complete for the Western Hemisphere states. Airports of entry, broader contact information, entry and exit requirements including procedures, documents and equipment, public holidays, and other pertinent information particular to a country are included in this group of countries.

Civil Aviation Authority and Aeronautical Information Services contact information will be provided for the remainder of the world. As with the Western Hemisphere countries, embassy, travel alerts and warnings, and general country information also is available.