New & Revised ACs

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Number Title Publication Date
150/5340-26C Maintenance of Airport Visual Aid Facilities (posted 7/1/2014) 6/20/2014
150/5300-18B General Guidance and Specifications for Submission of Aeronautical Surveys to NGS: Field Data Collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) Standards (posted 3/6/2014)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 - incorporates updated airport data collection standards and deletes outdated information (2/24/2014) 


Draft ACs

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Number Title Deadline for Comments
150/5070-7 Draft Change 1 to AC 150/5070-7, The Airport System Planning Process (posted 07/21/2014) 8/20/2014
150/5100-14E Draft AC 150/5100-14E, Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects (posted 06/06/2014) 7/11/2014
150/5220-20A Draft AC 150/5220-20A, Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment (posted 04/28/2014) 7/01/2014

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