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Draft ACs
Number Title Current AC Deadline for Comments
150/5300-19 (PDF, 523 KB)
Draft AC 150/5300-19, Airport Data and Information Program (posted 06/12/2015)

This AC provides general guidance and information for airport owners and operators in the collection, submission and management of data describing the physical infrastructure, characteristics, and services of their airport. This data is source material for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s aeronautical information databases, for use in the dissemination of aviation information to the public, preparation of government and private industry aeronautical charts, and related flight information publications as required by Title 49 United States Code 44721, 49 U.S.C. 47130, and the planning and programming of various programs within the FAA. This AC also describes the schedule, frequency and standards for airport inspections. 

We are re-circulating this draft AC. It has been revised to conform to FAA and industry principles and standards of data management and stewardship. The final document will cancel AC 150/5200-35A, Submitting the Airport Master Record in Order to Activate a New Airport.

NA 7/13/2015
150/5100-14E (PDF, 918 KB)
Draft Change 1 to AC 150/5100-14E, Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects (posted 06/12/2015)

This change clarifies multiple consultant selection processes; allowable costs, applicability of profit and pass-through costs; and project eligibility under Title 2 Code of Federal Regulations Part 200, Section 319.

150/5100-14E 7/10/2015
150/5200-28E (PDF, 363 KB)
Draft 150/5200-28E, Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for Airport Operators (posted 11/07/2014)

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance on using the NOTAM system for reporting airport facilities changes or outages, and airport condition reporting. This AC prescribes procedures used to describe, format, and disseminate information on unanticipated or temporary changes to components of, or hazards in, the National Airspace System (NAS).

This is a complete rewrite. Principal changes include the introduction of a surface contaminant list, advocacy of obtaining and using new NOTAMS system technology, and the addition of new NOTAM terms, definitions, and examples.

Please include comments in the attached comments matrix and submit to Phillip Davenport at phillip.davenport@faa.gov by the comment deadline.

150/5200-28D 12/19/2014
150/5100 (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Draft AC 150/5100-XX, Guidance on the Extraction of Oil and Gas on Federally Obligated Airports (posted 09/09/2014)

This Advisory Circular discusses oil and gas development on federally obligated airport land, including any drilling that penetrates the property (surface and subsurface). It describes existing FAA policy, guidance, standards, and obligations, as well as other applicable laws and regulations, for airport sponsors to apply to proposed on-airport oil and gas development activities.

NA 10/03/2014

Procedure for Commenting on Draft ACs

Unless specifically noted, we generally accept comments only from recognized industry organizations. If you would like to comment on a Draft Advisory Circular, please submit your comments to one of the organizations listed below.

Note 1 - For ASCE, submit comments to:
Jonathan C. Esslinger, P.E.
Director, Transportation & Development Institute of ASCE.

Note 2 - For DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation, submit comments to:
DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation
SAF/AQKT Room 4E128
Washington, DC 20330-1060
(202) 697-6937