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Draft ACs
Number Title Current AC Deadline for Comments
150/5200-37A (PDF, 2.2 MB)
Draft AC 150/5200-37A, Safety Management Systems for Airports (posted 07/14/2016)

This revised draft presents the concepts of a Safety Management System (SMS) and provides detailed guidance about developing and implementing SMS on an airport.  This draft compliments the SMS for Certificated Airports Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published on July 14, 2016, in the Federal Register, which proposes to amend the number of airports that would be required to implement SMS.

NA 11/10/2016
150/5050-4A (PDF, 845 KB)
Draft AC 150/5050-4A, Community Involvement in Airport Planning (posted 10/07/2016)

This AC  provides guidance for public involvement in airport planning.

150/5050-4 11/08/2016
150/5200-28F (PDF, 1 MB)
Draft 150/5200-28F, Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for Airport Operators (posted 08/23/2016)

This AC provides guidance on using the NOTAM system for reporting airport facilities changes or outages and for utilizing the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix for airport condition reporting.  It prescribes procedures used to describe, format, and disseminate information on unanticipated or temporary changes to components of, or hazards in, the National Airspace System (NAS). 

150/5200-28E 9/22/2016
150/5360-13A (PDF, 3.1 MB)
Draft AC 150/5360-13A, Airport Terminal Planning and Design (posted 07/26/2016)

This Draft AC  provides updated guidance on the process of planning and designing airport terminal facilities.  It reflects the many changes that have occurred in the aviation industry and to planning and design practices for airport terminal facilities.

When published, AC 150/5360-13A will cancel both AC 150/5360-13, dated April 22, 1988, and AC 150/5360-9, Planning and Design Guidelines for Airport Terminal Facilities at Non-hub Locations, dated April 4, 1980.

150/5360-13 8/23/2016
150/5320-6F (PDF, 4 MB)
Draft AC 150/5320-6F, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation (posted 06/01/2016)

This AC  provides guidance to the public on the design and evaluation of pavements used by aircraft at civil airports. This AC is a complete rewrite of the previous version. Principal Changes include the following:  

  • Revised text and examples to incorporate changes in FAARFIELD v 1.41.
  • Added additional guidance on the operation of FAARFIELD.
  • Included all pavement design in one chapter.
  • Added tables for minimum layer thickness for flexible and rigid pavement structures, and
  • Added an appendix on Nondestructive Testing (NDT) using falling-weight type devices.  

150/5320-6E 7/01/2016
150/5360-14A (PDF, 579 KB)
Draft AC 150/5360-14A, Access to Airports by Individuals with Disabilities (posted 05/06/2016)

This AC provides guidance and recommendations for ensuring access to airports by individuals with disabilities.  The draft AC substantially revises and incorporates regulatory updates and recommendations for Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) at airports.

For commenting instructions, see the Federal Register Notice "Opportunity to Comment on the Draft Advisory Circular 150/5360–14A, Access to Airports by Individuals With Disabilities" (May 6, 2016) or comment now on Regulations.gov.

150/5360-14 6/06/2016
150/5320-12D (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Draft AC 150/5320-12D, Measurement and Maintenance of Skid-Resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces (posted 05/02/2016)

This AC contains guidelines and procedures for pavement evaluation with friction measuring equipment, and maintenance of high skid-resistant pavements. The draft adds approved Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME); moves guidance on the design and construction of skid-resistant pavements to AC 150/5370-10, Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports; and revises the recommended texture measuring techniques and contact information for approved CFME.

150/5320-12C 6/03/2016
150/5370-2G (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Draft AC 150/5370-2G, Operational Safety on Airports during Construction (posted 05/02/2016)

This AC sets forth guidelines for operational safety on airports during construction. The draft document adds guidance for the use of orange construction signs, allows open trenches within the Taxiway Safety Area with specific restrictions, and enhances guidance for temporary shortened runways and displaced thresholds.

See also Draft  Engineering Brief No. 93, Guidance for the Assembly and Installation of Temporary Orange Construction Signs.

150/5370-2F 5/30/2016
150/5000 (PDF, 985 KB)
Draft AC 150/5000-XX, State Block Grant Program (posted 12/01/2015)

This AC provides guidance for application to and implementation of the State Block Grant Program (SBGP). It will help states considering participating in the SBGP, those already in the program, and FAA regional and field personnel administer it uniformly across the country. 

Note: The comment deadline for Draft AC 150/5000-XX is extended to February 5, 2016, and the due date for SBGP state implementation plans to April 1, 2016 

NA 2/05/2016

Procedure for Commenting on Draft ACs

Please see the industry letter for each draft to determine specific instructions for submitting comments. If you are a member of one of the following industry organizations, you can also submit your comments via the organization.

Note 1 - For ASCE, submit comments to:
Jonathan C. Esslinger, P.E.
Director, Transportation & Development Institute of ASCE.

Note 2 - For DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation, submit comments to:
DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation
SAF/AQKT Room 4E128
Washington, DC 20330-1060
(202) 697-6937