New & Revised ACs
Number Title Publication Date
150/5320-17A Airfield Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Manuals (posted 9/16/2014) 9/10/2014
150/5300-13A Airport Design (posted 9/15/2014)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 (2/26/2014)

Draft ACs
Number Title Deadline for Comments
150/5100 Draft AC 150/5100-XX, Guidance on the Extraction of Oil and Gas on Federally Obligated Airports (posted 09/09/2014) 10/03/2014
150/5380-6C Draft AC 150/5380-6C, Guidelines and Procedures for Maintenance of Airport Pavements (posted 07/31/2014) 8/22/2014
150/5070-7 Draft Change 1 to AC 150/5070-7, The Airport System Planning Process (posted 07/21/2014) 8/20/2014

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