New & Revised ACs
Number Title Publication Date
150/5300-18C Survey and Data Standards for Submission of Aeronautical Data Using Airports GIS (posted 10/1/2015) 9/30/2015
150/5300-19 Airport Data and Information Program (posted 10/1/2015) 9/30/2015
Draft ACs
Number Title Deadline for Comments
150/5000 Draft AC 150/5000-XX, Critical Aircraft and Regular Use Determination (posted 09/23/2015) 10/23/2015
150/5100-20 Draft AC 150/5100-20, Guidance on the Extraction of Oil and Gas at Federally Obligated Airports (posted 09/29/2015) 10/15/2015
150/5345-49D Draft AC 150/5345-49D, Specification L-854 Radio Control Equipment (posted 08/13/2015) 8/31/2015

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