Research and Acquisitions

FAA engineers and scientists are constantly seeking new techniques and equipment that will benefit aviation and the National Airspace System. They work closely with industry, universities, and other governmental agencies.

Fire testExamples of the many areas investigated include human performance in aeronautical tasks, improvement of runways, and the effects of corrosion on aircraft structures. Full-scale crash tests and other experiments explore the effects of impact forces and fire. The resulting data are used to improve structural design, cabin materials, and evacuation methods.

ComputerAn important focus of the FAA's technical expertise is the acquisition of new and upgraded equipment for its own facilities. The photo at right represents one example, the Host and Oceanic System Replacement, known as HOCSR. This powerful new computer system has now been deployed at all Air Route Traffic Control Centers, providing a basis for further upgrades designed to speed and protect en route flights. Another major path of development involves the application of satellite technology to air navigation and landing systems.

These programs are part of an unending quest for technical excellence in the swiftly changing field of aviation.