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Cabin Safety Technical Standard Orders

TSO Number Subject
C1 Cargo Compartment Fire Detection Instruments
C11 Powerplant Fire Detection Instruments (thermal and flame contact types)
C13 Life Preservers
C19 Portable Water-solution Type Fire Extinguishers
C22 Safety Belts
C25 Aircraft Seats and Berths (type I transport, 6G forward load)
C39 Aircraft Seats and Berths
C64 Oxygen Mask Assembly, Continuous Flow, Passenger
C69 Emergency Evacuation Slides, Ramps, and Slide/Raft Combinations
C70 Life Rafts
C72 Individual Flotation Devices
C78 Crewmember demand oxygen masks
C79 Fire Detectors (radiation sensing type)
C85 Survivor Locator Lights
C89 Crewmember Oxygen Regulators, Demand
C99 Flight Deck (Sedentary) Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment
C100 Aviation Child Safety Device (ACSD)
C103 Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Assembly (for non-transport category aircraft)
C114 Torso Restraint Systems
C116 Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment
C137 Aircraft Portable Megaphones
C142 Non-recharggeable Lithium Cells and Batteries

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