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Reauthorization Bill Section 326

The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (the Act), Public Law 115 254, was enacted by Congress on October 5, 2018. Section 326 requires the FAA to provide access to educational materials to enhance air carrier training regarding how to react to incidents of smoke or fumes on flights.

Aircraft Air Quality "The Act", Section 326 (a) and (b) is intended to improve crewmember training and both crewmember and maintenance technician reporting of smoke or fumes incidents during flight.

  • Crewmember and Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT)
  • Awareness and Training
    • 14 CFR 121.703 (a)5) Regulatory reporting requirements and Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) for odor/ fume events
    • Sources and types of on-board odors, vapor, toxic or noxious fumes
    • Odor descriptors to recognize the presence of oil and /or hydraulic fluid fumes
    • Health and wellness considerations and/or mitigations during and after an incident
    • Flight, cabin crewmember and AMT communication and coordination
      • Procedures and mitigations during odor/fume events
      • Introduce and explain levels I/II/III and IV
      • Documentation: crew reporting, witness statements, log book entries, FAA Form 8070-1

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