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The FAA Civil Aviation Registry – CARES Initiative

What is the FAA Civil Aviation Registry?

Every pilot and aircraft owner is familiar with the FAA Civil Aviation Registry. It is the single administrative entity responsible for licensing U.S. pilots and registering U.S. civil aircraft. It maintains lien information on aircraft and applicable equipment (engine, props, and spare parts locations for air carriers) and is the International Registry portal. The Registry maintains individual aircraft purchase titles, and issues and maintains U.S. airmen certificates and records.

  • This is where you go to get your airmen certificate (pilot's license), and keep it current.
  • It's also where you must register your aircraft and record transfers of ownership.
  • If you manufacture or sell aircraft components or spare parts in the U.S., they need to be registered here.

Everything in aviation is in the Registry – it's a massive and diverse data set with interlocking components comprising the physical, mechanical and human elements of our national aviation system.

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What is the CARES Initiative?

CARES is an automated solution to enhance and modernize registration services. CARES is a set of e-services that fully maximizes the use of automation and technology to accomplish registering an aircraft or acquiring an airman certificate. It is an online portal with mobile accessibility, user authentication, automatic electronic notifications, and records and accepts documents, and much more.

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When will CARES go live?

Automation of current manual services will occur by October 5, 2021.

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What is the status of the CARES initiative?

  • Two CARES Market Surveys were available to identify interest of prospective vendors. The first Market Survey, #32128, identified qualified and capable sources that could provide a sound solution to the CARES modernization initiative.

    The second Market Survey, #33782, further defined the CARES requirement and strategy and is intended to support the future CARES solicitation. Currently, the project team is analyzing submissions and responding to over 400 questions received.

  • The project team is forecasting release of the Screening Information Request (SIR) in 1st quarter FY-20 with the contract awarded by 3rd quarter FY-20.

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