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Aviation Workforce Development Grants

The FAA is no longer accepting applications for the January 19, 2021, funding opportunities.

The FAA is engaged in accepting the Workforce Development proposals in the order in which they were submitted to Applicants will receive an acknowledgement from as FAA retrieves each submission and begins the initial review process over the next several weeks. The FAA will assign a proposal number to each application and prepare submissions for the technical evaluation and management and fiscal review processes. Applicants can expect to be advised of the status of their submission within three months.

We anticipate making awards by the end of this calendar year and will post the list of award recipients on this webpage. Check back with us for the latest information and for subsequent Aviation Workforce Development grant opportunities.

The Department of Transportation has the authority to establish two grant programs for aviation workforce development through fiscal year 2023 according to the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, section 625. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, per section 1743, added one additional category to eligible applicants for the Aircraft Pilots program.

The FAA is investing in the future aviation workforce. We are providing grants to academia and the aviation community to help prepare a more inclusive talent pool of pilots and aviation maintenance technicians, to inspire and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals.

Grants are available to eligible applicants as established in legislation. (Individuals are not eligible to apply directly to the FAA for a grant under these programs.) To learn more, please select one of these grant opportunities:

Aircraft Pilots

pilot in front of a hangar with her plane inside

Generate and increase interest and prepare students to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft systems operators.

Learn more

Aviation Maintenance
Technical Workers

plane technician checking a small aircraft engine

Generate and increase interest and prepare students to pursue aviation maintenance careers.

Learn more

Program criteria and application details are provided in the Notices of Funding Opportunity, which are posted on We are not currently accepting grant applications.

Check back for the latest information about these grant programs.


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Please send questions and feedback to us at To ensure a fair and open competition for the grant programs, we may post the answer to your feedback on this webpage.

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