Flight Program Operations

The Air Traffic Organization established Flight Program Operations to consolidate six separate flight program operations into a single operations organization. This organization is responsible for all aspects of aircraft operations, aircraft maintenance, flight safety program, and flight program administration. Flight Program Operations holds operational control of all flight program operations, as well as responsibility for scheduling missions and implementing standardized flight control procedures (flight release and flight following) for all flights conducted in FAA aircraft.

What We Do

Flight Program Operations is responsible for FAA Flight Program safety, policy/standards, operations, training, maintenance, administrative services, financial and business management, acquisition, reporting, regulatory compliance, and other internal/external requirements. Flight Program Operations conducts multiple missions in FAA aircraft to include aviation safety training; flight inspection; research, development, test and evaluation support; and critical event response/transportation.


FAA National Headquarters
800 Independence Ave., SW
Orville Wright Bldg. (FOB10A)
Suite 1028
Washington, DC 20591
Phone: (202) 267-0523

Last updated: Tuesday, September 22, 2020