Safety and Technical Training

What We Do

The ATO's Safety & Technical Training service unit influences and addresses risk in the NAS through:

  • aligning data-driven changes in the operation
  • modernizing training to educate and prepare the ATO's technical workforce by focusing on timely delivery, operational priorities, and competencies
  • monitoring mitigations and changes in the NAS
  • informing stakeholders of our successful strategies to meet our safety goals

Our safety functions include:

  • event investigation
  • data analysis
  • corrective actions
  • training for over 14,000 air traffic controllers and over 6,000 airway transportation system specialists
  • policy development, performance measurement, and promotion of a positive safety culture

We accomplish this through the combined efforts of our four directorates (Safety, Technical Training, Policy & Performance, and Strategic Outreach), and through strong stakeholder partnerships.

Our Programs

Last updated: Thursday, June 02, 2022