NAS Defense Programs


Execute the DOT commitment to support national security by minimizing the vulnerability of the National Airspace System (NAS) to disruption, damage, or exploitation through crime or terrorism by providing sensitive and classified flight data, surveillance, and communications services to the DoD, DHS, and Federal law enforcement agencies in support of military activities, homeland security, POTUS movements, and national security events.


Utilize external funding and existing federal infrastructure and human resources to expand voice, flight data, and surveillance services to meet external requirements. Evaluate current and planned federal assets, plans, policies and procedures for application in developing and sustaining National Air Security capability.


NDP Roles & Responsibilities


  • Immediate Response to National Security and Disaster Assistance Requests
  • National coordination of operational issues and restoration activities with Operational Control Centers (OCC's)
  • Serves as the agency focal point for NAS Defense policy and procedures
  • Develops, consolidates, and services inter-agency and international agreements
  • Integrates new external services and equipment into the NAS operational and support architecture
  • Supports FAA intra-organization/inter-agency coordination of National Security activities
  • Life-Cycle Management of NAS Defense Services & Equipment
  • ATO Technical Operations Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of NAS Defense Equipment
  • Logistical support via FAA Logistics Center of all NAS Defense Equipment
  • Provides dedicated FAA program staffing and resources to support internal and external customer requirements
  • Promotes continuous external customer feedback for product and service improvement
  • Management of FAA Order 6000.198 "FAA Maintenance of NAS Defense Facilities and Services"

POC for more information about NAS Defense Programs (NDP) contact Tom Sylvia or call 202-409-0515

Last updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2023