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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Pharmaceuticals (Therapeutic Medications)

  1. Code of Federal Regulations
    • First-Class Airman Medical Certificate: 67.107
    • Second-Class Airman Medical Certificate: 67.207
    • Third-Class Airman Medical Certificate: 67.307
  2. Medical History
  3. Aeromedical Decision Considerations
  4. Protocol: See Aerospace Medical Dispositions, Item 47. Psychiatric Conditions
  5. Pharmaceutical Considerations: The use of a psychotropic drug is disqualifying for aeromedical certification purposes - this includes all antidepressant drugs including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). However, the FAA has determined that airmen requesting first, second, or third class medical certificates while being treated with one of four specific SSRIs may be considered (see Use of Antidepressant Medications). The Authorization decision is made on a case by case basis. The Examiner may not issue.

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