Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Decision Considerations - Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 47. Psychiatric Conditions

The use of a psychotropic drug is disqualifying for aeromedical certification purposes. This includes all sedatives, tranquilizers, antipsychotic drugs, antidepressant drugs (including SSRI's - see exceptions), analeptics, anxiolytics, and hallucinogens. The Examiner should defer issuance and forward the medical records to the AMCD.

The Psychiatric Conditions Disposition Table lists the most common conditions of aeromedical significance and the corresponding AME course of action. Do not issue a medical certificate to an applicant with medical conditions that require deferral or for any condition not listed that may result in sudden or subtle incapacitation without consulting the AMCD or the RFS. Medical documentation must be submitted for any condition in order to support an issuance of an airman medical certificate.

For drug and alcohol conditions, see Substances of Dependence/Abuse.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 29, 2024