FAA Portfolio of Goals

An accurate and detailed explanation of how a goal is measured, and what success entails, is an important component for any performance management program. Accordingly, the FAA’s Portfolio of Goals (PoG) provides key technical information on how progress is measured for the agency’s most critical and highest profile goals. The agency’s PoG is comprised of profiles based on the agency’s approved corporate goals for the year such as the Organizational Success Increases/Measures (OSI/M), Corporate Short-Term Incentives (CSTI), and DOT strategic goals (for example, Annual Performance Plan (APP) goals, S2 Performance Management Review goals, and Agency Priority Goals). The information for each goal’s profile is updated annually, and as new goals are developed, their profiles are added to the agency’s “portfolio” or “Portfolio of Goals” as the title of this document indicates.

The PoG supports FAA’s internal verification review, Performance and Accountability Report, the Data Completeness and Reliability section of DOT’s budget submission, and other agency and departmental performance documents.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2023