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Aeronautical Common Services (ACS)

ACS Overview

The ACS will ingest aeronautical data from authoritative sources and will then transform, validate (for integrated products), verify, store, and distribute the resultant AI to users and systems through AIM enterprise web services such as Web Feature Services (WFS) and Web Map Services (WMS) or via the One Stop Shop. The ACS has four main functional capabilities:

  1. Aeronautical Information Integration
  2. Aeronautical Information Data Analytics
  3. Aeronautical Information Subscription Services
  4. Spatial Information Mapping

Data Services

  • Query service - WFS that executes a user-submitted query and returns the aeronautical features matching that query
  • Notification service - Notifies users of updates to aeronautical features that they have subscribed to

Map Services

  • Web Mapping service (WMS) - that provides navigational, mapping and aeronautical feature imagery that can be used to display maps

Business Services

  • Business Process Service - used to define, step through, and track a business flow process
  • Business Rules Service - used to define business rules and validate data and processes against business rules

Data Analytics

  • Airspace Conflict Detection Service - evaluates if a specified airspace and schedule conflicts spatially and temporally with other airspace schedules
  • Geodetic Calculation Service - provides a set of geodetic calculations to be used with Metrics Service
  • Metric Service - provides query-able post-operational metrics pertaining to aeronautical features

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