AIMM S2 Releases

Release 1 - NAVLean Support

Release 1 (Initial Operating Capability): established the infrastructure, hardware and software for the Aeronautical Common Service (ACS), and demonstrated initial support for the NAVLean portlet.

  • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • Business Processes
  • Web service for NAVLean Data capture
  • Complex Data Query: Phase I
  • Data Ingest, Dictionary, Transformation, Storage to support NAVLean
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Host NAVLean Interface

Release 1 is expected to reach initial operational stability in December 2015.

Release 2 - SAA Support

Release 2 integrates the Special Activity Airspace (SAA) AI subject area, including the legal definition as well as the dynamic schedules. Requirements for this release include:

  • Ingest and provide SAA Data
  • Data Ingest, Dictionary, Transformation, Storage to support SAA
  • Data Notification
  • Complex Data Query: Phase 2

The planned release date for Release 2 is December 2016. Developmental Testing on Release 2 begins in Feb 2016.

Release 3 - NOTAM, National Airspace System Resources (NASR), and Remaining Updates

Release 3 - Final Operating Capability (FOC): integrates NOTAMs, incorporates the NASR requirements, and provides mapping capabilities as well as capabilities for performing analytics and generating metrics on the AI. Requirements for release 3 include:

  • Ingest and provide NOTAM
  • Any remaining Data Ingest, Dictionary, Transformation, Storage
  • Business Rules
  • Complex Data Query: Phase 3
  • Web Mapping
  • Metrics and Data Analytics
  • Migration of NASR: including rules and processes
  • Integration of NASR functions with ACS
  • One-stop-shop/web portal

Release 3 FOC date is scheduled for October 2017.

Last updated: Monday, November 2, 2015