AIMM Segment 2

AIM Modernization Segment 2 Overview

AIMM Segment 2 (AIMM S2) modernizes the ingestion, integration, management, maintenance, and distribution of AI by establishing the Aeronautical Common Services (ACS) and a one-stop-shop (OSS) portal. AIMM Segment 2 will become the single trusted access point of AI, for internal and external NAS consumers. It will move FAA from a simple product-centric environment to true AI management. The AIMM S2 AI includes NOTAMS, Special Activity Airspace (SAA) definitions, SAA schedules, airport data, and other NAS infrastructure data. AIMM Segment 2 will create a platform for future AIMM segments delivering greater access, integrity, and extensibility of AI systems to users across the NAS.

Segment 1 provided digitized NOTAMs and modernized the Central Altitude Reservation function (CARF). It achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC )in March 2013.

Aeronautical Common Services (ACS)

The AIMM S2 system is a collection of Aeronautical Common Services (ACS) that provides the ability for the FAA and NAS stakeholders to access aeronautical data (including NOTAMs, Special Activity Airspace (SAA), airport reference and configuration data, procedure data, and obstacle data) in multiple formats. This permits data service users to customize delivery, and optimizes visual perception and data presentation in a manner that provides value to the consumer. More information can be found here:

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One Stop Shop (OSS)

The OSS will be a data query, display and analysis tool connected to the ACS. It will be provided to users via desktop or tablet web browsers. The OSS will allow users to access the data and functionality of the ACS via various network domains, such as the public internet or the FAA mission support network. It serves as the human to system interface.

System Interfaces and Data Exchange

The ACS will establish functional two-way data exchange using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. The AIMM S2 will establish a link providing data to the NAS, and to non-FAA consumer systems and users through SWIM infrastructure.

Last updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2022