Electronic Flight Strips

electronic Flight StripsThe TFDM program will install electronic flight strips (EFS) in air traffic control towers across the United States. For decades, air traffic controllers have used paper flight strips to keep track of flights. Upgrading to electronic flight strips is a significant change with substantial benefits.

EFS will allow for real-time data updates, streamlining the entire flight-plan process, and enabling data sharing with stakeholders for collaborative decision making around surface movement. It also makes it easier for controllers to handle fluctuations in traffic volume, changing weather, and all the myriad of situations that affect surface traffic control decisions every minute of every day. For example, EFS will automate memory aids to inform a controller of situations on the field such as closed runways.

electronic Flight Strips

In order to populate information on the strips, TFDM interfaces with the following systems:

EFS will be deployed at 49 airports across the U.S.

Map of EFS deployment locations:

EFS Deployment Locations

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Last updated: Wednesday, October 5, 2022