Airport Land Acquisition: Land Project Checklist

While each land acquisition project will be unique, the process of acquiring property generally adheres to the following steps. Detailed procedural guidance is provided in Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Improvement Program Assisted Projects (AC 150/5100-17).

Land Project Checklist
Step Description
1 Develop Exhibit A Property Map that clearly delineates the land to be required
2 Consult with the FAA Project Manager to verify that proposed parcels are identified on an approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP)
3 Verify environmental requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) are met
4 Prepare surveys and plats for proposed property acquisition.
5 Order preliminary title search to confirm ownership and encumbrances on property title
6 Select and negotiate contract for qualified appraiser and review appraiser
7 Select and negotiate contract for Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) consultant (if not completed in project planning phase)
8 Select and negotiate contract for qualified land acquisition and relocation consultant, if required
9 Conduct Environmental Site Assessment of property suspected of being contaminated
10 Prepare relocation plan if there are any persons to be displaced
11 Perform appraisals and appraisal review, and approve appraised fair market value. The property owner shall be given the opportunity to accompany the appraiser on the inspection of the property.
12 Submit appraisal and review appraisal reports to the FAA if required by project manager.
13 Make written offer of just compensation. At initiation of negotiations, provide general notice of the property owner's rights and entitlements on the acquisition of their property and an explanation of the relocation assistance and payment entitlements. Provide notice of relocation eligibility to displaced persons.
14 Negotiate purchase agreement. If reasonable attempts to negotiate an agreement or acceptable settlement are unsuccessful, the acquisition may be referred to the sponsor's attorney for condemnation under the airport's eminent domain authority.
15 Closing/court award, title conveyance, and schedule possession of acquired property. (Sponsor's attorney / title company /escrow agent.)
16 Complete relocation assistance for displaced persons. Assure a comparable replacement dwelling has been made available for all persons displaced from their residence, (as applicable).
17 Clear property for project use.
18 Furnish project application with Exhibit A Property Map and land acquisition cost breakdown sheet, Certification of Environmental Site Assessment, Certificate of Title, and Sponsor Certification for Real Property.
19 Execute grant agreement.
20 Submit final Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Programs (Form SF-271) and make final drawdown.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2022