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Airport Design Technical Video Series


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The Airport Design Technical Video Series highlights the subject of taxiway design to assist airport planners and engineers design safe and efficient taxiway systems.

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Airport Design Technical Videos

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  • High Speed Exit Taxiways (Section 5)
    This video explains the geometry of high speed exit taxiways and discusses how to design high speed exits
  • End-Around Taxiways (Section 8)
    This video discusses how to design end-around taxiways or EATs, which must be pre-approved by the FAA Office of Airport Safety and Standards.
  • Basic Taxiway Geometry (Section 4)
    This video discusses the variables of basic taxiway curve geometry, including standardization of taxiway widths, turn angles, and turn radii.
  • Taxiway Design Groups (Section 3)
    The FAA has always based its airport design standards on families of aircraft such as Aircraft Approach Categories and Airplane Design Groups (ADGs). We have now defined a new set of aircraft families — Taxiway Design Groups (TDGs) — based on the configuration of an airplane's landing gear to determine pavement requirements for taxiways.
  • Airplane Manuevering (Section 2)
    Airplane maneuverability affects the design of a taxiway system. This video discusses how airplanes maneuver along taxiways on the ground and highlights specific taxiway design features, including taxiway width straight sections and turns, fillets, taxiway safety areas, and taxiway object free areas.
  • Runway Incursion Prevention (Section 1)
    This video addresses basic airport geometry concepts that airport designers must consider, especially when designing taxiway systems, to reduce the likelihood of runway incursions.

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